Nitrole Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to Nitrole and we are committed to protecting your privacy while using Nitrole services.

In order for Nitrole to provide it's services to users, Nitrole may need to store, process or in other forms handle data that you choose to share with our Product. While using Nitrole services, Nitrole may request, access, process, store and in other ways handle data, temporarily or for longer duration as Nitrole requires to ensure the optimal functionality of the Nitrole services. Nitrole may also handle data you share using Third-Party integrations with Nitrole, including, but not limited to Discord and Twitter. Nitrole will process this data in accordance with it's own policies, the Third-Party's policies and the Dutch governing law.

By using the Nitrole services, Nitrole may process and cache the following information

Nitrole does not permanently store any of the information listed above and only uses temporary storage to speed up and optimize Nitrole services. Information listed above will be deleted from Nitrole servers within 1 hour of requesting hydrated data. Nitrole will not re-hydrate data without user request!

By using the Nitrole services, Nitrole may process and store the following information

Nitrole may collect analytical for statistical and error logging purposes. In addition, Nitrole may employ third party integrations on our site, including, but not limited to Google AdSense and Google Analytics. By using our services you agree our third party integrations may place cookies on your computer, after you have consented to the placement of these cookies. Nitrole will use all options and technologies at it's disposal to secure your data from unauthorized access, and Nitrole will inform it's client when it detects unauthorized access to it's storage.

Usage of the Nitrole services constitutes agreement to our policies on data collection. If you do not accept this agreement, you must leave any chat-group using Nitrole services and you must never engage with Nitrole services. Engaging with Nitrole services in any form will be regarded as agreement to our policies. For more information about our policies or inquiries, including those related to GDPR or DMCA, contact us at [email protected]